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therapy for men and women after narcissistic abuse

Have you experienced a sudden, painful break-up and struggle to make sense of what happened? Do you feel trapped in a relationship with a controlling partner, or worry that you have encountered a narcissist? Or, have you left a destructive relationship some time ago and still find that you are dealing with the consequences, so that you cannot thrive?

I offer therapy sessions to support those who have been wounded by a romantic relationship. Perhaps things got off to a whirlwind start, and you felt like you had met your soul mate. But suddenly everything changed, and you were left confused and in profound emotional pain. 

Perhaps you began to seek answers on Google, and this led you on a trail of new terms such as ghosting, silent treatment, love-bombing, gaslighting and discard. It was as if a whole new world opened up, one that you never asked to live in!

It is not uncommon in this situation to discover that you may also have had a narcissistic parent. This can be enlightening - as something 'falls into place' - and it can also be a painful awakening. All of a sudden, you have a whole new set of information to make sense of.

Being in a situation like this can be an isolating experience. Talking to friends and family doesn't seem to help because they simply cannot understand. Instead, you may withdraw and try to deal with things on your own, but end up going around in circles in your head and torturing yourself with self-doubts. 

Getting through the aftermath of emotional abuse can be tough, especially when you are caught up in the emotional fog. I offer 1:1 online therapy where I meet you right where you are and hold space for you to tell your story.

I help you untangle the conflicting thoughts and emotions that often linger after a narcissistic relationship. You may also need some support to heal the trauma bond that typically results from the constant swings between warmth/coldness, and you may have a great deal of questions around your childhood experience with a parent.

My practice is compassionate and friendly and I have specialist knowledge of toxic/narcissistic relationships and trauma bonding. What you share is confidential, and there's no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed. Together we will make sense of things, so that you can find a way forward, empower yourself, and find peace within.

You can book a single session or several, at a time that suits you. 

Fee: £90 (50 minutes)