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Coaching for gifted individuals

Discover your unique personality, your strengths and interests, so you can thrive and heal the world

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Are you an adult wondering if you may be gifted, and would like a space to explore your questions?


Then you're in the right place!

'Giftedness' is a word that many people shy away from - not least gifted folk themselves!

Many people feel that this word carries some unwelcome connotations.

It is important to understand that 'gifted' doesn't mean 'better' or 'superior,' but it does mean a deeply unique way of experiencing your surroundings that is often different from most people you may have grown up with or encountered.


Perhaps you have always 'known' that you were different on some level, but you haven't found a descriptive language to define your experience - you may also have had to 'tone yourself down' in order to fit in. Now that you're an adult, you wonder if you were ever that good at anything in the first place!

But deep inside, you have a desire to dig out those rough diamonds that are your unique, special gifts, and hold them up to the light to see if they're still any good. Because you long so much to somehow use them for good in the world. And until you do, you'll have a nagging feeling of squandering your full potential.

Perhaps you had a bad experience in the education system - that's common too - and it made you lose courage. Many gifted people have experienced early-life trauma around 'being different,' and you may have suffered with anxiety or depression as a result. Yet your giftedness has always been there, like an "unthought known" deep inside. That's the case for many gifted people. It was the case for me, too.

Finding my own path towards discovering who I am and figuring out how best to understand my gifts has been a lifelong journey. I now specialise in working with creative, highly sensitive, and gifted individuals, and I would love to support you, too. If you feel that your life experiences have brought you up to this point for a reason, then I'd encourage you to get in touch.

I offer coaching for gifted adults who would like to explore their unique traits and talents in a supportive space where they can feel seen, heard and understood, maybe for the first time.

So, how can coaching help?

Coaching can help you to:

- Discover greater clarity around who you are and help you orient yourself in this world

- Unearth the gifts that you've always had, but were unsure of how to use, share or express

Find your inner strength and honour your giftedness instead of settling for less or compromising yourself

- Find your voice so you can fully express yourself, stop holding back, and speak your truth without fear

- Develop greater self-compassion and self-kindness as you come to accept all parts of yourself


Gifted Coaching £197 per session (60 minutes)

To book a session, fill out the form below. I look forwards to hearing from you!

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