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I offer short- and long term psychotherapy and counselling as well as individual coaching. Please take a look below for more details.

I offer a 20-minute FREE initial consultation for psychotherapy and counselling. This is an opportunity to find out whether we are a good fit, and to discuss what solutions might best suit your needs. Please schedule your appointment here.

Youth Counselling (18-25). Young adulthood can feel like an important time to come to therapy. You may want to resolve a painful experience from your childhood or teenage years, in order not to bring it with you into the future. I can sometimes offer concessional spaces for this age group. Please email me to enquire.

I work exclusively online. This allows you to safely access continuous support during the uncertain times of Covid-19 restrictions and beyond. In my own experience, and from regular client feedback, it is my firm belief that the therapeutic relationship can be every bit as rich, trusting and supportive online as in face to face therapy.


Psychotherapy/Counselling for Individuals

Relationship Coaching after Narcissistic Abuse

Clarity Call 'Tell me Anything' 

(single session)


I offer both short-term (6-12 sessions) and longer term therapy.  Sessions take place weekly and last 50 minutes. 

(Please note that I do not offer therapy on a less than weekly basis.)

I offer relationship coaching for women who feel stuck and perplexed after a painful break-up, or those who worry that they are experiencing emotional abuse. In this session, I work with you in a compassion-focused way to help you regain peace and clarity, so that you can find a way forward.

If you have a 'burning issue' that you would like to talk through in confidence, such as a personal problem or situation, you can book a single clarity session or a series of sessions. Please email me to find out about availability.

Fees: £90 (50 minutes)

Fees: £150 (90 minutes)

£99 (60 minutes)
£150 (90 minutes)


psychotherapy and counselling: how I work

I integrate psychodynamic and humanistic-existential therapy, bodywork and the healing arts in my practice. This model provides a robust foundation suitable for treating a number of psychological problems, and can be tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. 

My approach is light and gentle, relational and conversation-based. I aim to be fully present with you, with an open, respectful, and empathic attitude. I maintain a curious and inquiring outlook and I support your own reflective process as you discover your true, authentic self.

Therapy can be a place to make sense of your experiences in a supportive environment. Making links between events in your life history can lead to insight and awareness, and help you deal better with your current situation. I practise depth psychotherapy and life story work to help you achieve a sense of wholeness and integration.

I take a holistic (body and mind) perspective on psychological health and well-being.

My work is trauma informed, which means that I have a thorough understanding of the biological, social and psychological effects of traumatic stress on the individual, within the context of personal circumstances and life history.

I am trained in bodywork and I use various embodied practices, such as breathing and grounding techniques. Depending on what works best for you, I will guide you through these methods to help you stabilise and regulate your emotions before doing any deeper trauma work.

I also offer the option of using the therapeutic arts in sessions. This is a mindful, emotionally containing way of exploring thoughts and feelings through creative self-expression. You can use any simple materials that you have to hand (and you don't need to be 'good at art').

I work collaboratively with you at all times to find out what approach might best suit your needs. We will review our work together regularly, to ensure that your therapy is progressing well and at a pace that feels safe and comfortable for you.


book your first session

To book your free initial consultation, please use the calendar below. If none of my available times work for you, please email me to see about other availability week-to-week.

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