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I'm Karolina, an integrative psychotherapist registered with the UKCP. 

I help both adults and young people who need some support with emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression, grief, loss, and trauma.

I also work with coaches and therapists who would like to do some deeper inner work for themselves in order to confidently hold space for their clients.

I use therapeutic conversation, somatic work and the creative arts in my client work.

My specialism is in  early relational trauma and narcissistic relationships (parent or romantic partner), high sensitivity (HSP), and giftedness.

I am based in London, UK and I offer my services online in English and Swedish.  

Send me a message today to find out how I can help you.

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a personal welcome note

I'm so glad you've found your way here. 

Come say hello and have a peek into my therapy space!


is this you..?

Have you been trying to hold it together, pretending everything is fine but deep down you know it's not? Do you worry that the way you deal with emotional pain is not sustainable for the long-haul?

Do you suffer with symptoms of anxiety or depression, or battle excessive worry or stress on a day to day basis? Have you suffered emotional trauma in the past or more recently?

Are you here as a young person, or because you are worried about a young person? Adolescence is a time of big changes. It's common for young people to struggle with emotional difficulties yet find it difficult to put words to what's troubling them.

Maybe you have a sense that there could be so much more to life, and you would like to stop feeling numb or overwhelmed.  Perhaps you dream of using your creative gifts in some way.

Therapy can be a place to acknowledge and validate your feelings, instead of minimising or dismissing them. If you are ready to take the first step towards better emotional health and well-being, I can help. I offer a safe, confidential space to help you make sense of things.

My way of working is integrative, relational and based around three main pillars: the therapeutic conversation, somatic (body) work, and using the creative arts. 

I welcome clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation. My pronouns are she/her.

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