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Find a renewed sense of calm, self-confidence and hope through therapy

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I'm Karolina, an integrative psychotherapist helping people with anxiety, overwhelm, self-esteem issues and low mood. 

My specialism is in childhood trauma, and I often support those who identify as highly sensitive, creative and/or gifted.

I am based in London, UK and I offer my services online in English and Swedish.


Click for therapy in Swedish.


The benefits of therapy

Coming to therapy can help you to live a more authentic life and lead to more fulfilling relationships.

Many adults unknowingly carry suppressed emotions and memories from their childhood. These can manifest in various ways later in life, such as anxiety, depression, or self-destructive behaviours.


Healing from emotional wounds is often a journey of self-discovery.

Therapy can help you to connect with your true self and identify your genuine needs and desires, so you can make positive choices and live life on your terms.

Having a space to explore your current emotional experience in the light of your life story can help you to embrace self-compassion and bring new hope for the future. 

book an introductory call

I offer a FREE 20-minute Zoom call to see if we're a good fit. 

Click the button below to book your slot.

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