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karolina christopher 
integrative psychotherapist (UKCP-reg)

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Did you grow up in a home with low emotional warmth? Did you have a parent figure who was emotionally detached or unavailable?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or depressed, yet wondering if you are just over-reacting or being "too sensitive?"

Seeking help from a qualified professional can be an important step towards positive emotional health. 


I'm a psychology-trained integrative psychotherapist, specialising in early life trauma, emotionally detached and/or narcissistic parenting.

I work with thoughtful individuals who identify as creative, gifted and/or highly sensitive (HSP), who w0uld like some support to navigate life's challenges and find a deep sense of fulfilment.


My aim is to offer high-quality therapy based on your individual needs, giving you the attention and care you deserve.

I am based in London, UK and offer therapy online both in the UK and abroad. I speak English and Swedish,

Trauma-sensitive online therapy to support your emotional health & well-being

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I offer a FREE 20-minute initial consultation to find out if we are a good fit, and if the way I work would suit you at this time. Please book your appointment below.

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Listen here to find out a bit about how I work!

I'm glad you've found your way here. 

Come have a peek into my therapy space!

Quality care you can trust

take the first step towards calm, clarity and peace of mind

Do you feel anxious, depressed pr overwhelmed on a daily basis? Do you experience an underlying sadness just below the surface, despite your mood?

You may carry memories from painful circumstances that happened in your childhood/teenage years, and worry that your previous experiences may be hindering your capacity for close, connected relationships. 

Therapy can be a place to acknowledge and validate your feelings, instead of minimising or dismissing them.  This way, you can heal from the past and find a new sense of hope for the future.

I bring over 12 years of specialist training in psychology, psychotherapy and the creative arts to my private practice, along with a wealth of experience from working with adults, children and young people in a variety of settings both in the UK and abroad. 


I developed my own holistic model, the Hexagon system, for helping those who grew up with a parent who was emotionally unavailable. This system is also helpful if you believe that you had parent with narcissistic traits.

The Hexagon system focuses on the specific areas that typically need attending to after these type of childhood experiences. You can read more here.

My way of working is relational and conversation-based, and I integrate somatic (body) work and the creative arts in my work. I have special expertise in supporting those who are creative or identify as gifted or highly sensitive (HSP).


I welcome clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation. My pronouns are she/her.

I also work with qualified therapists and counsellors who would like to heal some of their own emotional issues so that they can feel more confident in supporting their clients in addressing childhood trauma.

I am registered with the main professional bodies for therapy and counselling in the UK, the UKCP and the BACP.

I have also completed over 80 specialised hours in online therapy and am a registered member of ACTO.

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