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welcome - here's what I can offer you:

▪  Therapy for adults 27-35 who had a difficult relationship with a parent growing up (inc. narcissistic parenting) to help you emotionally heal 

▪  Youth counselling for adolescents who need some emotional support around troubling feelings and experiences

▪  Coaching services for women who need some support to heal after a narcissistic relationship


Hello, I'm Karolina 

I am a UKCP-registered integrative psychotherapist and counsellor specialising in helping you heal from relational trauma. I offer 1:1 online therapy for adults, as well as youth counselling and coaching. 

My mission is to provide high quality professional services that alleviate emotional pain and bring about insight and transformation, so that you can believe in your gifts and live your precious life to the full, without being held back by insecurities and self-doubt. 

I am based in London, UK and offer my services in English and Swedish. I work exclusively online.

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this is your time to heal

Unhealed emotional pain can affect many aspects of our lives. Do you have a sense that you are not flourishing in life, despite being successful professionally and in your academic achievements? Are you wondering what might be holding you back? Therapy can be a place to acknowledge and validate your feelings, instead of minimising or dismissing them. 

You may have been in therapy before, but now you would like to go a bit deeper, and really get to the bottom of what's been afflicting you. You are committed to investing in your emotional health, and you want to find the therapist and the type of therapy that is right for you. If you are ready to do the inner work to truly heal and believe in yourself, I can help.


a personal welcome note

I'm so glad you've found your way here. 

Come say hello and have a peek into my therapy space!


what is early relational trauma? a note for you

Did you have a tricky relationship to one of your parents growing up? Perhaps you still do?

Does this cause you to battle with painful feelings and lack of self-worth? 

Having a conflicted relationship to a parent is a common experience. At the same time, the awareness that you may have suffered emotional abuse often sits just underneath conscious thought.

Because it is so painful to recognise that your parent wasn't the loving parent you so desperately hoped for, and still hope that they can be.

If you often felt sad, afraid or lonely in your childhood home, you may have known that something wasn't quite right - but well, it was a long time ago and we are taught to forgive and forget.

You feel guilty about 'thinking badly' of the parent who hurt you.
And may still be hurting you.

But these experiences can affect us way into adulthood, until we face up to them and make a conscious decision to heal.

The signs and symptoms of emotional abuse are difficult to recognise because as a child you lack the perspective to make sense of them.

Yet you may be aware of feeling on edge, having a fear of speaking up, feeling easily guilty, and battling low-self-esteem and self-worth.

It can lead to people-pleasing and trying to gauge in advance how others will react, so you can be prepared.

You may feel that there is something wrong with you, and constantly wonder how to 'fix' it.

The truth is, there was never anything wrong with you. And viewing your childhood experiences through a different lens can bring healing.

If you need some help to make sense of your childhood experience and the conflicting feelings about a parent, I can help. Send me a message and let's book a call.


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