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Are you struggling with anxiety, emotional overwhelm or low mood?

Do you feel like everything is getting on top of you at the moment?
I offer a space to help you figure things out, so you can feel better in yourself.

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Hi, I'm Karolina.
I'm an integrative psychotherapist, somatic practitioner and creative arts therapist.

My way of working is rooted in compassion, connection and relationship, to help you heal and thrive in life.

I am based in London, UK. I offer my services in English and Swedish.

Please read below to find out more about how I can help.


Schedule your first call here

I offer a FREE 20-minute Zoom call to see if we're a good fit. 

Click the button to book your appointment.

a bit about therapy

Getting support is the first step to feeling better

When life gets too much, everything suffers - work, health, relationships and social life.

Therapy can help you to regain your balance, so you can feel more positive about things moving forward.

I offer a space where you can talk through what's troubling you, whether it's anxious thoughts, painful life events or negative patterns that seem to repeat themselves in your life and relationships.

People who have worked with me have said that they feel more at peace, and that they can look forwards to the future with a new sense of hope.

Some common issues in therapy

There are many reasons why we struggle in life, and some of these may go back to childhood.


Perhaps you felt unseen as a child, and you often kept your feelings to yourself. You may have grown up in a family environment that lacked somewhat in emotional warmth. Now as an adult, you may battle with diffuse guilt, low self-esteem, or you tend to 'fear the worst.'

You may experience periods of depression, unexplained anxiety or panic attacks. I work in a fairly depth-oriented way to help you to gently explore and address the root of the problem, so you can begin to make sense of things and feel more in tune with yourself.

"Is it just me?"

Maybe you've been wondering if the problem lies within YOU - that you're just 'too sensitive.' At times, you may even struggle to know what you feel. Therapy can help you to understand and manage your feelings, so you can embrace your unique self and thrive in life.


I specialise in working with women between 25-50 who need some emotional support. I have a great deal of experience of working with sensitive, creative and gifted women, and I would love to support you too. 

How I work

My style is relational and conversation-based. I also integrate somatic methods in my work, as I believe that body and mind both play an important part in emotional well-being. I also offer the option of using the creative arts in sessions, for those who like working in this way.


My specialism


My specialism is in early relational trauma and emotional neglect. This type of trauma is rooted in the experience of disconnection, such as not feeling safe or cared for. There may have been childhood losses through the absence or death of a parent.


Or you grew up with a narcissistic parent who couldn't "see you" and meet your emotional needs. Maybe one of your parents was emotionally detached, or you perceived them at times as frightening, so that you had to "walk on egg shells" as a child.

If you're worried that your past experiences are getting in the way of living life to the full and relate well to others, including your children, therapy can help.

Contact me today to book your free 20-minute introductory call.

types of therapy i use in my integrative model:

  • Conversation-based and relational

  • CI (compassionate inquiry)

  • Depth-oriented

  • Psychodynamic

  • Humanistic-Existential

  • Somatic (body) work

  • Creative arts therapy

  • IFS/parts work

  • Polyvagal informed

  • Trauma-informed

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