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Are you battling anxious thoughts, low mood or emotional overwhelm?

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I can help.
My name is Karolina, and I am an integrative psychotherapist, somatic practitioner and
creative arts therapist.
Therapy can  help you understand and manage your thoughts, feelings, and emotional reactions, so you can improve your overall well-being and find more balance in your life and relationships.

I am based in London, UK and I offer therapy online in English and Swedish.

Have you been through some difficult life events in the past or more recently?

Would you like to talk to someone?

schedule your first consultation here

I offer a FREE 20-minute initial consultation where we'll discuss if my way of working would suit you at this time.

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Listen here to find out a bit about how I work!

Quality care you can trust

take the first step towards calm, clarity and peace of mind

When life feels unmanageable, everything suffers - your health, work, close relationships and your social life. Often, all it takes is some support to begin to turn things around. Coming to therapy is a self-care investment in your emotional health and well-being.

          Therapy is a place to validate your feelings, instead of minimising or dismissing them. 


Whether you want to talk through what's happening in your life now, or deal with something that has happened recently or in the past, therapy can help you to process the feelings and memories so you can move on.


You may also be aware that you have unhealed trauma from childhood or earlier life experiences. Many people worry that their past experiences might be hindering them in present life and relationships. Therapy can help to bring awareness to the patterns that seem to repeat themselves, so that you can choose a new direction in the future.

You don't need to have everything figured out to start in therapy. It will all become clearer as you go along.


Therapy is a journey of exploration, self-discovery and new insights.

My specialism is in childhood trauma, life story work, high sensitivity (HSP), and giftedness. I also have in-depth knowledge of narcissistic parenting and childhood emotional neglect.

I also offer therapy to qualified therapists who would like to work through their own trauma and/or emotional issues, so that they can support their own clients with confidence.

I welcome clients from diverse cultural backgrounds and sexual orientation. 

Book your first consultation today to find out how I can help you.

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