a bit about me

I am an integrative psychotherapist trained in psychodynamic and humanistic-existential therapy, creative arts counselling and somatic (body based) work.

I completed my training at Regent's University London and the Institute for Arts in Therapy and Education (IATE) respectively. ​

I am also a qualified teacher with extensive professional experience in education. I have worked with the full 4-19 age range and their parents and carers, both in comprehensive and independent schools for nearly two decades. 

I bring over 12 years of specialised training in psychology, psychotherapy and the creative arts to my private practice, along with a wealth of experience from working with adults, children and young people in a variety of settings both in the UK and abroad. 

It is important to me that you can trust my credentials. I hold professional memberships with the UKCP and BACP which uphold high standards of training, clinical experience and personal therapy. I have also completed over 80 specialised hours in online therapy and I am registered with ACTO as a cyber therapist.

In order to provide a safe space for others, it is important that therapists have done their own inner work. I completed six years of personal therapy as part of my training. Not only was this an invaluable experience, but I can personally testify to the transformational experience that therapy can be. 

For my MA dissertation, I researched the topic of shame and life story. My work looked at how the therapeutic space can be a healing container for reassessing your life story in the light of making sense of shame, which typically resides in non-verbal memories from our earliest relational experiences. 

Shame hides in the subtle belief that we are not quite good enough; that we are somehow flawed. This is a common experience that can be isolating; however, bringing your feelings out into the open can release the shadows of the past.

As part of my undergraduate degree I also completed qualitative research into the emotional experience of looking at art, which took place at the National Gallery.

It is my firm belief that no matter what you have been dealing with, things can get better. Human beings have an inherent capacity for growth, creativity and joy -  a life well lived. I see it as my life's purpose to accompany you a few steps along the way on this journey. 

I was born in Scandinavia where I grew up in the countryside near forests and lakes. I was a highly sensitive, gifted child who liked animals and the arts. 

Growing up, I experienced bullying at school and I later suffered relational trauma and narcissistic abuse.

I now draw on my own lived experience, creative gifts and psychotherapeutic knowledge to help others heal from trauma.


qualifications and experience

- BSc Psychology
- MA Psychotherapy & Counselling
- Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy
- Advanced Diploma in the Therapeutic and Educational Arts
- Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling with Adolescents
- Certificate in Therapeutic Communication Skills for Work with Children

- Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills

- PGCE (Qualified Teacher Status)

In addition to my private practice, I gained several years' clinical experience working with adults aged 25-69+ at Mind UK, and with young people aged 14-25 at the Terrence Higgins Trust Youth Counselling Project. Prior to this, I have also worked with asylum seeking families, and with dementia patients in the Swedish NHS. 

As a qualified teacher I also bring a wealth of experience from my many years in education, working with children and young people aged 4-19 and their parents and carers.

I have consistently added training courses to my knowledge base, particularly in attachment theory and in the field of trauma.

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