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my personal journey towards emotional health

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People often tell me that I have a very calming presence. I'm also an attentive listener. I'm what you would call a 'sociable introvert,' but I've always preferred deep conversations to small talk. 

I grew up near lakes and forests in Scandinavia. As a child, I loved books, animals, and singing. I still have many creative interests and I draw or paint most days.

After living in France and Germany in my twenties, I decided to come to the UK to study Psychology. I then became a qualified teacher and worked in education for a number of years before deciding to study psychotherapy.

Growing up, I often felt different. I was bullied at school and I began to dim my light and try to be invisible. At times, I suffered with a sense of melancholy and wondered what was "wrong with me."

As it turns out, many of us have this question and it can be especially true if you have endured negativity around being an introvert, highly sensitive, creative or gifted individual. It can also be true if you have suffered early life trauma or a destructive relationship which affected your self-belief and confidence.

I know from experience that therapy can be a truly life-affirming experience. I completed six years of personal therapy during my training and it was an important part of my healing journey. 

I have over 12 years of training in psychology, psychotherapy and the creative arts. This means that I can offer you therapy tailored specifically to your needs, using a combination of talk-therapy, somatic and creative therapy which is both trauma-informed and truly holistic.


In my therapeutic work I also draw on my wealth of experience of working with children, adults, and young people in both education and mental health settings in the UK and abroad. 


I am on a mission to de-mystify therapy and to help both adults and young people improve their emotional health, so that they can thrive and find joy in life.

Qualifications and Experience

- MA Psychotherapy & Counselling (3 years)

- Advanced Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy (2 years)

- BSc Psychology (3 years)

- PGCE (Qualified Teacher Status) (1 year)

- Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills (1 year)

- Certificate in Therapeutic Communication Skills for Work with Children (1 year)

- Certificate in Therapeutic Counselling with Adolescents (1 year)- Advanced Diploma in the Therapeutic and Educational Arts (1 year)

- Third World Studies (1 year)

In addition to my private practice, I gained several years' clinical experience working with adults aged 25-69+ at Mind UK, and with young people aged 14-25 at the Terrence Higgins Trust Youth Counselling Project. Prior to this, I have also worked with asylum seeking families, and with dementia patients in the Swedish NHS. 

As a qualified teacher I also bring a wealth of experience from my many years in education, working with children and young people aged 4-19 and their parents and carers.

I have consistently attended additional training, especially in Internal Family Systems (IFS), polyvagal theory, and sensory integration, as well as the field of trauma.

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Interested in working with me?

If you are interested in working with me, please book a FREE 20-minute initial consultation.

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